Skardu Cherry Blossom

                            FACT SHEET
Best Time     25  Marsh to 15 April
 Altitude            2, 220 m
Days            15 Days
Range           Karakoram

Skardu is the best place for tourism and trekking, it is in the hub of Northern areas. It is also known as mountainous terrain that has 4 mountains which are 8,000 meters above. Because of this it’s attract the attention of most tourists, trekkers and mountaineers all around the world. If you want to explore the culture of Skardu the best months for this tourism is from April to October, because there is snow and freezing in the winter weather.

To know more about culture tour to Skardu, kindly contact us and we will help you with all your questions.



Days Programs Nights
Day 1 Arrival in Islamabad Hotel
Day 2 Islamabad to Chilas Hotel
Day 3 Chilas to Skardu Hotel
Day 6 Day excursion in Skardu Hotel
Day 8 Explore village, Rundu Camp
Day 9 Explore Kachora Village Hotel
Day 10 Kachora to Skardu Hotel
Day 11 Explore Hargiza Nala, Mantoka Village, Nanagzuq Hotel
Day 12 Explore Kharpochu Fort Hotel
Day 13 Skardu to Chilas Hotel
Day 14 Chilas to Islamabad Hotel
Day 15 Flight to destination

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